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Cartridges: how to spot the fakes

March 27, 2018

(Credit: Holostik)

Holostik has offered advice on how to identify fake ink cartridges, in order to help consumers avoid potentially damaging their printers.

As the company explains, over the last decade there has been a substantial rise in the numbers of fake items being produced, among them counterfeit ink cartridges. As a result, genuine online retailers “are starting to go to a few lengths to assess and check the nature of their ink routinely to guarantee the cartridge named with the name of a worthy merchant is truth be told, from that seller.”

Part of the problem of fake ink cartridges is that they can very closely resemble the genuine article, at any rate when it comes to appearances. However, unlike the real thing, fake ink cartridges can cause detrimental harm to printers, through spillage, detonation, and blocking the printer nozzles.

While it can be very difficult to spot a fake, there are some clues consumers can look out for to help them determine whether what they are purchasing is genuine or not.

These clues include:

“• Abnormally low costs
• Differences in the hues and materials utilized as a part of the bundling of fake items
• Poor quality materials utilized as a part of the fabricate of phoney items
• The difference in the way in which the items are sold”

The article also gives some additional tips and markers to help distinguish fraudulent cartridges.

1.Purchase from a “respectable approved retailer”

2.“Instruct yourself about ink costs before you shop and be wary if you see extraordinarily low costs”

3. Check the packaging. Fake packaging “ranges in quality from unrefined to undefined” and you should check for any subtle inconsistencies.

4. Monitor performance. If you have purchased some new ink cartridges and you suspect they might be fake, check how many print-outs they produce “and be suspicious of ones that run dry astoundingly early”.

5. Examine the quality of the print-outs “and look for any distinction in shading amongst old and new examples.

6. Compare your former cartridge to the new one “and endeavour to discover any irregularities, especially in shaped plastic creases or in controller chips, assuming any.”



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