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Cartridge World USA CEO discusses cartridge bill on US TV

February 19, 2014

William Swanson was interviewed on FOX Business about the New Jersey cartridge legislation, and spoke about how consumers should use remanufactured cartridges.

Bill Swanson appearing on FOX Business

Bill Swanson appearing on FOX Business

The interview (which you can view below) saw Swanson interviewed by FOX Business presenters about the alternatives available to OEM cartridges and the New Jersey bill, which was signed into law by senators in early January before being vetoed by Governor Chris Christie this month. The legislation would force companies manufacturing cartridges to advertise their page yield on the packaging under the threat of fines.

Swanson noted that inkjet ink is expensive because “manufacturers want it to be”, mentioning the example of razors and razor blades as an example to the presenters. He added that many OEMs are “practically giving away their printers”, and when asked why there wasn’t anybody trying to fight that with cheap cartridges, he noted that Kodak tried to do “fair price ink and printers, but people are looking at the immediate nature of the right printer and don’t think about the lifetime value”.

When asked about the New Jersey legislation, Swanson stated that if passed it would “shed a light” on the pricing issues in the industry, which is something he said Cartridge World was doing – that it is “trying to help people understand the cost of ink”, and that they can “save money over the lifetime of the printer” by using remanufactured consumables.

He added, in response to a question as to whether price might come down with legislation, that there would be “more visibility” but that it is “up to manufacturers to save money […] Cartridge World recognises that there are high prices”. The presenters also asked Swanson about the franchise’s remanufactured products, and brought up PC World’s dismissal of the quality, to which he responded that consumers should “come to our stores” to see how the quality compares.

One of the anchors expressed her surprise that, given Cartridge World is “undercutting the market by 30 percent” on price, she couldn’t understand “why you aren’t winning”, to which Swanson responded that “people don’t know about us!” On conclusively being asked about tips on how to use less ink, Swanson stated that there are tools available to save printing, including on Cartridge World’s website, with links to the tools available in stores.

The franchise added of Swanson’s appearance on the channel that he “went on air to support providing clear packaging information to enable consumers to make smarter printer and cartridge-buying decisions”, including shopping at the franchise and using remanufactured consumables.


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