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Cartridge World store launches as Montana Ink & Toner

July 2, 2012

Former franchise store separates an independent refilling company.

A former Cartridge World store based in Great Falls, Montana has separated from the franchise and opened as Montana Ink & Toner, reports Great Falls Tribute.

Owner Jim Delaney has spoken on maintaining the reputation of the store, which opened in 2006, and existing customers and alleviating the effects of the changes whilst leaving room for expansion. The store allows consumers and businesses to drop off inkjet and toner cartridges to be refilled, and also provides pick-up and delivery services.

Delaney commented: “We still have the same staff and our procedures and standard of service will remain at the high level of excellence our customers have come to expect from us. Our store hours will remain [at the same hours] and our pick up and delivery routes will remain unchanged.”

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