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Cartridge World locations leave franchise

April 10, 2012

CW Urmston and Pudsey have been renamed Manchester Cartridges and Most Office Supplies.

Former Cartridge World franchises Urmston and Pudsey have left the franchise, and are renamed Manchester Cartridges and Most Office Supplies.

Cartridge World Headington, now closed

Most Office Supplies changed as of 1 April 2012, stating “the decision to change our name was made to better reflect what it is we actually do” and stock office furniture and business machines as well as providing remanufactured printer supplies.

Manchester Cartridges announced the name change on 5 April 2012, remarking “by the name change, we hope to expand the company as well as keep up the good reputation we have had for over 10 years”.

Manchester Cartridge’s John Beresford spoke with The Recycler on the developments brought about by the relationship with Cartridge World: “[It] wasn’t working anymore. Pricing, basically everything.”

Internet pricing and the proliferation of compatibles that attracted customers who prioritise price were also named as areas of concern.

However Beresford believes that Manchester Cartridges retained a stance in the market, touting the company’s offer of same-day delivery for orders in the Manchester area and “ultimately, we’re a service more than anything, and that’s what our customers’ll want.”

Both Manchester Cartridges and Most Office Supplies continue to operate from the same premises.


John Richardson, Chairman for Cartridge World UK, has commented on the developments.

“We can confirm that the Urmston and Pudsey stores have left the Cartridge World franchise network.

“As with all franchise networks, some franchisees choose to leave at the end of their agreement or during the re-signing process. Throughout this period, we will always do our utmost to support these individuals to help them achieve their business objectives. In return, we expect all franchises who decide to leave the network to comply fully with Cartridge World’s post franchise obligations.

“Given the scale of the challenge facing the modern high street, it’s inevitable that a percentage of retailers will experience a reduction in footfall, which will impact sales and margins.

“Despite an increasingly tough economic climate, a significant number of Cartridge World stores have grown sales during this period, utilising for example the Cartridge World Business Direct model, which has been specifically designed to support businesses. The Cartridge World Group received additional investment during 2011 and has developed a range of initiatives that will further improve the product and consumer offer, supporting future sales and value to the franchisee.

“Cartridge World is the UK’s leading printer cartridge specialist, with over 200 UK business franchises and 1,600 worldwide and remains at the forefront of cartridge retailing.We pride ourselves on our excellent product, service and value delivery to our customers delivered through the franchisee. We will continue to work constructively with our franchisees for the joint benefit of our customer, our franchise owners and Cartridge World.”

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