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Cartridge World Ellesmere Port seeks charity hero

October 25, 2012

Ellesmere Port to follow Manchester and Altrincham stores in seeking charity champions to receive a £50 gift hamper.

Cartridge World Ellesmere Port has announced that it is seeking a charity hero to receive a gift hamper with £50 ($80/€61) of goods in recognition of their service to the local community, reports Ellesmere Port Pioneer.

The scheme is run parallel with the franchise’s ‘We Deliver’ campaign, intended to showcase Cartridge World’s ecommerce venture that will allow customers to purchase printer cartridges from Cartridge World online.

Franchisee of Cartridge World Ellesmere Port Claude Esposito commented: “We can’t wait to hear about all the great charity champions we have in Ellesmere Port. Rewarding them with their own special delivery is our chance to the people who add so much to this community. It’s also a perfect way to introduce our new online service.”

Cartridge World Ellesmere Port follows in the footsteps of Cartridge World Sale and Altrincham in its bid to discover a charity hero, and as with Sale and Altrincham the contents of the hamper have yet to be revealed.

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