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Cartridge World discusses going paperless

August 24, 2017

A blog post by Cartridge World looks at “Going Paperless – Why Is It Taking So Long?”

The blog explores why businesses are taking their time to convert to a paperless environment in the workplace. It acknowledges that the shift has started to be adapted by businesses recently and explains business benefits like “lower costs, improved customer responsiveness and a smaller environmental footprint” are being observed.

But what about the many that have not as yet embraced new technologies and offerings for storing documents? The Blog explores also, how “many businesses that still operate behind the digital curve,” where “the stacks of paper and filing cabinets full of documents still seems to be standard.”

According to Cartridge World’s blog, “the old way of storing important workplace documents on paper is quickly giving way to digital documents that can be stored in a Cloud, so employees can access these documents at anytime, anywhere.”

Three factors are explained as the influence to going paperless for business. These three are “long-standing habits”, “inability to make a move” and “unwillingness to change culturally”, which the blog describes in detail and as to how they would influence.

Finally, the blog acknowledges “(…) the reality of this proposition is one that may never fully transpire. Paper documents will always be needed, whether it’s in a court room, school, hospital, etc. Hardcopy documents are necessary in various fields of work every day.”

A mixture of hardcopy and cloud storage is suggested to be a step into the paperless direction for businesses that are still run paper-based.


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