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Cartridge World discusses cartridge quality

February 17, 2017

Cartridge World discusses cartridge quality

The franchise discussed quality at affordable prices for printer cartridges.

The article noted that quality printers are now affordable, but that buying quality ink and toner from OEMs makes the cost of printing more expensive, and that printer manufacturers warn users not to use third-party cartridges as they could damage the printer and produce less quality printing “despite having been proven wrong”.

The article goes on to say that printers are “often sold at small profit margins”, but there is larger profit for the OEMs from selling their own cartridges, and that these OEM cartridges have often been “shown to read a ‘low ink’ status”, while still retaining 40 percent of ink, and cause the printer to “shut down”. Cartridge World said additionally that there are “a number of quality options now available” which are less expensive than buying from the OEM.

The article gives the example of buying a new car from a manufacturer but not returning to them for repairs, as many people “use car replacement parts over OEM”, which saves money, and that ink and toner cartridges can be replaced in the same way. Cartridges are either toner or ink, with the toner being more expensive, and the inkjet cartridge lasts for 500 pages while the toner lasts for 2,000 pages, so depending on printing volumes the user makes a choice, but for home printing ink cartridges are usually best.

Cartridge World said that it “invests in top-of-the-line ink cartridges and produces them through a triple-check quality assurance process for consistently high-quality results”, and that saves up to “30 percent over OEM cartridges for customers”. The franchise opened a new Global Procurement Centre (GPC) last year, and said this has “continued enhancing product offerings with a combination of new systems for quality control through a three-stage process, during which the quality of both the cartridges and their packaging is assessed”.

This means that the triple-check quality assurance process of ink and toner cartridges guarantees quality printing that is consistent and matches all printer brands at a lower cost.


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