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Cartridge World announces cost saving printing solutions for SMBs

October 4, 2012

Office supplies retailer lists new ways in which it helps to reduce costs and save time for SMBs.

Cartridge World has announced new printing solutions that it will provide to its customers, designed to save SMBs time and money as more companies look for ways to cut expenses.

The company states that its new printer promotion allows businesses to “buy, lease or even qualify for a free printer from us”, and that it has simplified ordering processes for office managers, with business customers being able to access their own Cartridge World accounts using a laptop, computer or web-enable phone, allowing them to order products, change an order or request a quote easily.

In addition, Cartridge World announced its Cartridge World Express service earlier this year after offering the opportunity to develop the franchise to entrepreneurs. The service provides customer with a mobile delivery service, with a specially designed van travelling to business customers to deliver products they have ordered.

William Swanson, CEO, Cartridge World America commented: “Every business needs ink and toner. It’s used to print invoices, menus, proposals and paychecks. We’ve been in the replacement ink and toner business for 20 years, and can help companies save 30-40 percent on their printer cartridges. During the three-year life of a printer, a business can save $3,000 (€2,300) to $5,000 (€3,800) per machine.”

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