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Cartridge recycling raises money for charity

April 6, 2017

A recycling scheme in Ireland has raised over €100,000 ($106,575) for charity since 2011.

The Cork reported that Munster charities have benefitted from a recycling scheme started by Denis and John O’Donovan from Blarney, who started the appeal to raise money in gratitude to the staff of St. Therese’s Oncology Ward at the Mercy University Hospital after Denis’s wife, Angela, was treated there for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

After Angela’s discharge the appeal grew, and has raised over €100,000 and recycled over one million printer cartridges, keeping them from landfill and benefitting the environment. Angela sadly passed away in 2013, but father and son have kept the legacy going, and HP Inc is very much a part of the campaign with its Planet Partner Programme. This has seen the O’Donovans “delivering boxes to registered companies” in Munster. Once filled with empty cartridges the O’Donovans collect them free of charge.

The Mercy Cancer CARE Centre building was a beneficiary of funds worth €66,000 ($70,339), and is a specialised unit next to the hospital providing a safe and quiet place for patients and relatives receiving support and counselling through their journeys. Other beneficiaries include a church renovation fund, a cancer support group, a hospice and another university hospital.

The Lord Mayor’s office at City Hall Cork held a special reception for those involved in the recycling scheme to celebrate the amount raised, and was attended by “members of the O’Donovan family, Les O’Reilly”, a Print Specialist at HP Inc, and some of the registered companies involved in the collection of the cartridges, as well as representatives from beneficiaries of the charity.

Denis O’Donovan said: “We started this successful campaign because my family had first-hand experience of the incredible care and attention received by cancer patients at the Mercy and we wanted to give something back, something that would make a real difference. The absolutely fantastic support and reception we have received from businesses across Munster who go out of their way to keep the cartridges is unbelievable, and I want to thank them for their support to date.

“I would urge more companies to come on board – it’s a completely free service, we take away your empty printer cartridges which helps you, and you are raising much needed funds, which helps the Mercy and our other beneficiaries!”

The HP Inc Planet Partner Programme has been diverting waste from landfill for 25 years ,and O’Reilly commented: “I have high praise for Denis O’Donovan and his team who have voluntarily collected thousands of HP laser print and ink cartridges in Munster and surrounding areas over the past number of years. He is a passionate volunteer raising much needed funds supporting local worthy causes, and HP are delighted to support Denis and his recycling team.”


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