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Cartridge collection scheme launched in South Africa

October 9, 2014

Green Office and M4JAM collaborate to help create jobs and collect cartridges.

Cape Town

Cape Town

ITWeb reported on “environmentally-conscious” document management solutions company Green Office, and digital “microjobbing” platform Money for Jam (M4JAM), who have worked together on a “pilot recycling project” collecting undamaged, used toner cartridges for recycling.

The scheme, which is hosted on social network WeChat, allows companies to “allocate microjobs to thousands of geographically dispersed jobbers” across South Africa – jobbers being people dealing in small lots of goods or “jobs” as a middleman, sub-contractor or agent – and paying them by cash at tills in “selected retail outlets” for collecting the toner cartridges. Each cartridge will be worth R5 ($0.45/€0.35) to the jobber collecting and handing them in.

Specific collection dates will be organised in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban over a three-week period, with M4JAM CEO Andre Hugo stating that “no specific number” of cartridges are required before they can be handed in, adding “jobbers are encouraged to collect as many as possible in the next two weeks and bring them to the nominated depots”.

If the pilot scheme is successful, the campaign “may be extended indefinitely to over 1,000 locations around the country”, with Hugo adding that “Green Office employees will be stationed at the depots to collect the cartridges, and the jobbers will be paid” through a wallet mechanism used by M4JAM. He believes that the initiative can be used by schools and organisations as “ongoing fundraising initiatives”, as well as by normal people “who want to make some extra money”.

Hugo also claimed that the pilot “is a first” in South Africa for taking the “manual task of recycling into the digital crowdsourcing arena”, stating he believes it “paves the way for similar initiatives in any industry where recycling is a priority. It could also significantly increase the sustained earnings potential of our jobbers”.

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