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Cartridge collection from Lyreco

July 24, 2017

In a post shared on LinkedIn Lyreco is advertising its service of returns for used cartridges which will now also support the Lyreco for Education programme.

Lyreco UK and Ireland has been offering cartridge collection envelopes for the return of old or used inkjet and toner cartridges. They will donate £1 (€1.11)  or €1 (£0.89) Euro towards the Lyreco for Education programme.

Started in 2008, the Lyreco for Education programme raises funds from the 26 Lyreco countries to give children living in poor conditions a better access to education. The programme supports five countries, has aided to enrol 72,800 children in schools and built 161 schools. So far the total raised funds collected and delivered to NGOs is €1,741,628 (£1,555,999). 

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