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Canon Zoemini hits South Africa

September 24, 2018

(Credit: Gearburn)

The OEM’s portable photo printer has been released in the nation, following a launch in Cape Town.

Gearburn reports that the printer, which uses zero-ink film in a 2×3 inch size, can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and a mobile app, and can offer standard or “tiled” images, using four or nine prints.

Canon calls the Zoemini the “ultimate accessory for your mobile device,” and says it allows users to “snap a photo, slip on a vintage filter, add AR, and get instant sticky print-outs, ready to peel off, and give your things a personal touch.”

The printer itself weighs 160 grams and measures 18cm by 9cm. It is available in three colours – black, white, or rose gold.

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