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Canon USA recognised for Yellowstone support

March 6, 2018

Canon U.S.A., Inc. has been recognised with a 2018 Partnership Award from the Public Lands Alliance for the company’s role as the single largest funder of wildlife conservation and research in Yellowstone National Park as part of its support of the park’s nonprofit partner: Yellowstone Forever.

For its efforts, Canon was awarded the Corporate Stewardship Award, which recognises companies that work to help enhance the experience of visitors at public lands within the United States.

“We take great pride in our longstanding partnership with Yellowstone Forever and applaud the numerous initiatives that help further wildlife education and environmental research,” said Christine Sedlacek, senior director and general manager, Corporate Communications, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “It is with great pride that I, on behalf of Canon U.S.A., thank the Public Lands Alliance for the honour of receiving the Corporate Stewardship Award for our work with Yellowstone Forever, which we look forward to continuing for years to come.”

The Public Lands Alliance is a nationwide non-profit organisation whose mission it is to foster and preserve the wellbeing of America’s public lands and national parks. The organisation consists of a network of over 130 member organisations who serve more than 600 public lands. The members of the Public Lands Alliance together contribute over $250 million dollars (€201.6 million) every year to help preserve and improve guest experience in those areas.

“We congratulate Canon U.S.A., Inc. on this honour, and we are proud to celebrate their incredible commitment to Yellowstone Forever and Yellowstone National Park,” said Heather White, president and chief executive officer, Yellowstone Forever. “Their generous partnership over the past twenty years has supported critical education and research projects, helping to ensure that Yellowstone’s awe-inspiring wilderness remains for generations to come.”

Canon U.S.A.’s contributions to Yellowstone Forever have supported numerous educational and scientific research efforts geared towards better understanding the environmental impact on Yellowstone Park’s wildlife and ecosystem. Through Eyes on Yellowstone, Yellowstone Forever’s research and education platform, Canon U.S.A. has helped park employees respond to park ecological issues through mitigation, adaptation and communication with the public. Canon U.S.A.’s funding for Yellowstone Forever assists with important scientific research in conservation, endangered species protection and the application of cutting-edge science and technology essential to managing Yellowstone National Park wildlife and ecosystems.

Canon equipment supports the live online feed of the Old Faithful geyser, as well as online roving and a series of education web videos and podcasts. The Yellowstone Wolf Project uses Canon digital cameras in its aerial radio-tracking flights within Yellowstone National Park as a method to enhance its data collection, while the content and media on the park’s official website brings science and education together to help preserve and protect this area of national significance.


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