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Canon urges environmental stance from manufacturers

June 8, 2012

Middle East Director announces environmental focus following launch of Canon showroom in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Deputy Managing Director of Canon Middle East Naoshi Yamada has urged manufacturers to adopt environmentally friendly policies and products at the launch of a new showroom and service centre in Dar es Salaam, reports IPP Media.

Stating that East African markets are recognising the importance of environmental initiatives, Yamada is calling on businesses to begin philanthropic activities of conservation.

“Going green is a very important part for any company because the environment concerns both producers and consumers. Once the environment is polluted, the producers will not be able to produce and even the consumers will not be able to purchase.

Speaking with Daily News, Yamada claimed that Canon staff were actively following suit by using their time to clean the local surroundings: “We know the importance of environment and that is why we believe Canon is a friend to the environment, because [our staff] takes time to go to the streets and beaches to collect trash and leave the environment clean.”

Yamada made a vague statement on cartridge reuse, and IPP Media quotes the Director as saying that “under the cartridge system, all printer toners are able to be reused” although more information is not currently available.

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