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Canon to open 100 showrooms in the Middle East and Africa

April 9, 2013

CanonAs OEM targets 20 percent growth this year, it announces plans to open new showrooms in the Middle East and Africa region.

100 showrooms are expected to be opened by Canon across the Middle East and East Africa by the end of this year as the company forecasts growth to continue in the region, reports The National.

Potential locations for the showrooms include Saudi Arabia, Egypt and East Africa, with the company already opening its first showroom in the region last June in Dubai. It is hoped by Canon that the new locations will “drive growth across its business”, with the company aiming to achieve 20 percent growth in the region during 2013.

According to the article, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are Canon’s fastest growing markets, with the company seeing success in its product lines “in both the consumer and enterprise markets”.

Naoshi Yamada, Deputy Managing Director of Canon Middle East, said: “We are doing very well, especially under the situation where some countries have been politically unstable, but Canon’s growth and reputation have been increasing […] Las year we had a growth of 20 percent in revenues and we are expecting the same level this year.”

The Middle East and East Africa are becoming increasingly popular markets among OEMs, with Samsung recently announcing plans to open a new assembly plant in Kenya to serve the East African market, HP unveiling a new product line-up in the UAE, and Brother recently hosting a printer presentation in the Gulf.

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