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Canon sues number of aftermarket companies for patent infringement

February 4, 2014

The OEM has sued ILG and MSE over supposed patent infringement of a toner cartridge gear.USDCSDNY

The ILG case was filed in New York at the Southern District Court on 29 January, with the case number 1:14-cv-00558-UA, and Canon has already hired a number of lawyers to fight its case against the manufacturer. A source familiar with the action told The Recycler that the infringement possibly relates to patents Canon holds on a so-called “dongle gear”, which is utilised in the HP 2055 and 3015 toner cartridges. ILG was recently acquired by Turbon, and both companies have been contacted for comment.

MSE in turn released a statement in relation to the developments: “On January 30 2014, it has come to our attention that Canon USA is alleging that MSE and multiple other aftermarket providers are allegedly infringing certain patents related to the OPC drum gears of selected model toner cartridges. The models cited are mainly focused on two monochrome engines and one colour model. MSE, in coordination with our drum suppliers, are diligently investigating these claims, and will open immediate dialogue with Canon to fully comprehend the nature of their complaint. MSE fully respects the intellectual property of others and looks forward to working with Canon to resolving this.

“MSE has been committed to US-made innovation and remanufacturing for 20 years, and we fully intend to address this issue quickly, and will endeavour for this to create no disruptions for our customers. Our customers can expect the same level of quality, support, differentiation, and commitment to our collective success as we work through this. Please support us with your continued business and partnership.”

The case follows Canon’s case against more than 30 aftermarket companies in early 2012, which corresponded to the patent infringement of another of the OEM’s toner cartridge gears.

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