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Canon Solutions America partners with OneVision Software

September 8, 2017

This new industry collaboration is geared toward advancing customer care

In a new industry development, Canon Solutions America announced that it was forming an alliance with OneVision Software AG, in order to help both companies “redefine customer care through an innovative and unique approach to combining both hardware and software offerings.”

Canon reports, this strategic manoeuvre on the part of Canon Solutions America will enable the company to expand its production print software portfolio to incorporate new solutions for its customers’ prepress workflows that are both cost effective and state-of-the-art. The rollout of OneVision’s “dynamic solutions” manages to combine “award-winning, globally recognised hardware and software” from both industry mainstays while simultaneously optimising prepress workflow management software in terms of scanning, data conversion, and job preparation.

As a result, customers who are looking for improved efficiency will be able to make the most of “high-quality, high-speed production printing and archiving.”

This alliance between the two companies, formulated through a joint desire to advance their customer care, is founded on innovative new technology and is brought to consumers by highly qualified staff from both Canon and OneVision. As a result, customers will be provided with “leading-edge production print products and solutions that help maximise opportunities for business growth and workflow efficiency.”

Mal Baboyian, executive vice president of Production Print Solutions/Large Format Solutions at Canon Solutions America said of the partnership, “Our customers deserve this level of support, and it is vital for us to provide forward-thinking solutions that yield the best in what hardware and software has to offer for the print industry.” He went on to say, “This collaboration between two industry leaders serves to strengthen each company’s place as preeminent technology providers, and enables us to help our customers expand their positions in the market as well.”

OneVision was similarly enthusiastic about the prospects afforded by this collaboration, with the company’s vice president of Sales commenting, “We are very excited about this partnership with Canon Solutions America, as it represents the best-of-the-best for our prospective customers. As printers look for advantages over their competitors, with more flexibility, automation, along with cost savings, and efficiency, and consistent quality, they will find this partnership will help enable them to do so.”

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