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Canon settles with Amazon reseller

September 5, 2017

Canon is awarded damages as part of a cease-and-desist declaration regarding the illegal distribution of laser toner cartridge models

In breaking news, the Amazon vendor Jakubowski und Gert GbR, which does business under the names “DISA_SHOP24” or “DiSa GbR”, has signed a cease-and-desist declaration preventing it from offering and distributing laser toner cartridge models ‘DISA CE505X/CF280X’ and ‘DISA CE505A/CF280A’. Both types of cartridges were deemed to be completely new as they no longer contained any OEM components, despite being offered as replacements for Canon cartridge models CE505X, CF280X, CE505A and CF280A, which are used in HP laser beam printers.

The counterfeit cartridges were being distributed by Jakubowski und Gert GbR under the Amazon Standard Identification Number B06X3QTWNN and B01NA0BF42, but the vendor has now ceased offering the cartridges and according to the cease-and-desist declaration is obligated to destroy any remaining in its possession. The vendor must also pay damages to Canon Inc., and is obligated to provide any information relating to its practices regarding the offering and distributing of the counterfeits.


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