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Canon sets the pace

September 27, 2018

Canon U.S.A., Inc. has received the first Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI) PaceSetter Award for Outstanding Serviceability 2018-2019.

The award recognises the Company as the OEM that, according to BLI, has the best-designed tools, programs, and training for office technology for enterprises to enhance the serviceability of their solutions in the United States.

“Service and support are pivotal to today’s customers,” says Randy Dazo, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Technology & Services Group. “Organisations cannot risk downtime caused by poor support in today’s hyper intensive work environments. OEMs recognise this and in an effort to evolve with enterprises are now considering how to enhance serviceability through design, training tools, or new smart technology capabilities like predictive maintenance.”

To determine which OEMs lead the market, analysts at Keypoint Intelligence conducted an in-depth study on serviceability. Key areas of evaluation included company vision, in-field support, environmental considerations, tools and training provided to service technicians, and device design. Keypoint Intelligence also considered primary research from U.S. dealers regarding service programs provided by OEMs.

Keypoint Intelligence pinpoints Canon’s Customer Solutions Centre (CSC) as a pillar supporting its stellar service reputation due to its collaborative environment and ability to emulate customer environments, provide free dealer support with extended hours, and provide coverage for all U.S. time zones.

“We recently introduced our Customer Solutions Centre to the Melville headquarters to push the boundaries of what is possible in providing our channel partners and customers a best-in-class, end-to-end customer support experience,” says Shinichi Yoshida, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Canon U.S.A. Inc.

Further, Canon reveals that the company developed a predictive service model and the Canon smART service system, which includes a suite of tools to remotely and proactively interface with devices, as well as train customers on device usage, enable certain error codes to contact dealers directly, and plan service calls with greater efficiency. “The goal was to take real-time diagnostics and predictive maintenance to a whole new level, and we’re proud to say that we are accomplishing that,” Yoshida continues.

Keypoint Intelligence further scored Canon exceptionally high for its SnapShot and e-Support tools. SnapShot offers a dynamic snapshot of devices in the field with usage visualizations and statistics, while e-Support features a mobile knowledge base, service manuals with video and images, a direct “click to call” the Technical Support Centre, and the GRID, an e-community for technicians and Canon to support one another.

Finally, Keypoint Intelligence noted Canon’s outstanding serviceability cannot be tied to one area and that this commitment to service is evident across the service organization and its offerings.  Included in this are the diverse and expansive service training options that offer flexible modes of education without sacrificing quality.



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