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Canon resolves UK toner bottle IP case

April 4, 2014

CanonThe OEM has settled out of court with PPC Solutions Ltd.

The case concerned alleged patent infringement “concerning certain toner bottle products” used in Canon’s copiers, with the defendant UK company PPC Solutions Ltd.

The settlement was reached “out-of-court”, and as a result of the agreement between the two companies, PPC Solutions has agreed to a list of actions. The company has agreed to “cease making, disposing of, offering to dispose of, using or importing, or keeping” the toner bottle products that Canon alleged it had infringed patents on.

These included the following toner bottle product codes: PPC000259; PPC000260; PPC000261; PPC000262; PPC000311; PPC000312; PPC000313; PPC000314; PPC000315; PPC000316; PPC000317; PPC000318; PPC000330; PPC000331; PPC000341; PPC000342; PPC00347A; PPC000362; PPC000363; PPC000405; and PPC000410.

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