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Canon production “unaffected” by protests

September 24, 2012

OEM claims production schedules remained unaffected, despite temporary closure of three factories in China.

Canon has stated that its production has been “unaffected” by the anti-Japan protests which took place throughout China last week, despite the company closing three out of four of its factories in China for two days, reports PrintWeek.

The OEM closed three of its plants in Jiangsu and Guandong provinces on Monday and Tuesday amid Chinese protests against Japan due to a dispute over the ownership of the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu islands in China after the Japanese government made a deal to purchase them from private owners.

The protests have reportedly led to 40 percent of Japanese companies in China believing that the dispute will affect their business plans, with some considering withdrawing their operations in China altogether, despite the countries being important trade partners.

However, Canon has said that it has not sustained any damage or injuries at its factories in China, which include the Canon Suzhou printer factory in Jiangsu and the Canon Zhongshan Business Machines and Canon Zhuhai factories in Guangdong which produce laser printers and digital cameras.

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