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Canon Middle East announces new instant camera printers

April 1, 2019

Canon Middle East has announced the release of two instant camera printers, the Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C.

Following the original Canon Zoemini which launched in 2018, the new product range of all-in-one instant camera printers are described by the OEM as “the perfect pocket-sized companions for encouraging creativity with easy to print, peel-and-stick photos on the go.”

According to Canon, the Zoemini S is “ideal” for those wanting to capture, print and share their holiday adventures, a spontaneous selfie, photos with friends or an Instagram-worthy plate of food. Consisting of an eight-megapixel camera, front-mounted mirror, ring-light and remote shutter capability, the Canon Zoemini S claims to be “easy to use and will ensure its users are ready to take the perfect selfie in an instant.”

The Canon Zoemini S comes in three stylish finishes: Rose gold, matte black and pearl white. It professes to fit “seamlessly” into the palm of a hand, pocket or backpack for “exceptional portability.”

Whether out shopping with friends, celebrating a birthday party or attending a music festival, Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C users can shoot and print mini photos in a matter of moments on 2×3-Inch (5 x 7.6cm) Zink sticky-backed photo paper. Capturing everyday moments has “never been easier or more fun,” says Canon, so friends can share their stories whenever the mood takes them.

The Zoemini S is supported by the free-to-download Canon Mini Print App (iOS/Android), which enables users to print their images directly from a smart device using Bluetooth, as well as edit from an array of filters and frames. Users can also remove the challenge of capturing group selfies, simply by using the Canon Mini Print App’s remote shutter and self-timer function, so no one will be out of shot.

In addition to Instagram and Facebook, the Canon Mini Print app enables users to connect with Google Photos and Dropbox, so they can print physical copies of treasured memories while out and about.

For those seeking a streamlined version of the Zoemini S, the Canon Zoemini C is available without the Canon Mini Print App compatibility and packs a five-megapixel camera, a selfie supporting reflective mirror and a Micro SD card slot. The Canon Zoemini C is available in four eye-catching colours: Bubble gum pink, bumblebee yellow, mint green and seaside blue, for instant keepsakes on the go.

Both the Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C come with 10 sheets of sticky-backed, smudge and tear-proof Zink printing paper, making it “easy to print and decorate anything, from a bedroom wall to a fridge or smart device,” according to the OEM. Additional paper is available to purchase in packs of 20 or 50.


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