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Canon files new Italian dongle gear case

September 1, 2016

The Court of Rome in Rome, Italy

The Court of Rome in Rome, Italy

The OEM has begun proceedings against J&H Greentech & Trading Ltd in relation to the dongle gear case.

In its press release, Canon stated that it had filed “a request for a preliminary injunction and seizure of infringing products as well as the filing of a patent infringement complaint” against J&H Greentech & Trading Ltd., which also deals under ‘Prestige Cartridge’. The case was filed at the Court of Rome in Italy, and both aspects of the case relate to the supposed infringement of Canon’s European patent, EP 2 087 407, specifically the “Italian portion”.

The OEM added that the case focuses on the “offer and sale of certain toner cartridges for use in various models of Canon and Hewlett-Packard laser beam printers”, and that it is “seeking injunctive relief and damages”. It also added its usual statement in relation to legal cases, noting that “throughout the development, sales and marketing process, Canon respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals and expects others to do the same.

“Canon remains committed to taking legal action against anyone who does not respect Canon’s intellectual property rights”. The patent at the centre of the case was also used by Canon in a wide range of other European cases in 2014 and 2015, including against Armor, Artech and Pelikan; Aster in the Netherlands; KMP and wta as well as in Germany; European Cartridge Warehouse Limited and Printer Supplies Technology Limited in the UK; Zephyr SAS and Aster in France; and X-Com Shop Ltd. and OOO “Softrade” in Russia.

The OEM reported in May 2014 that it had filed two patent infringement suits in Germany at the District Court of Dusseldorf against wta Carsten Weser GmbH and KMP PrintTechnik AG for “infringement of the German portion” of a European patent covering drum units in toner cartridges. In June this year, The Recycler reported that both companies had launched an appeal against the case in Germany.

The OEM also began a dongle gear case at the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) in May 2014, following in the wake of its first case at the District Court for the Southern District of New York, which began in February 2014, and it won a General Exclusion Order (GEO) in the case last September.

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