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Canon Business Solutions President resigns

March 7, 2012

Chairman and CEO of Canon Business Solutions Joe Adachi to assume Tod Pike’s position.

Industry Analysts have published a letter from President and CEO of Canon Business Solutions (CBS) Joe Adachi announcing the resignation of President of CBS Tod Pike.

Adachi state that Pike has left the position “in order to pursue another opportunity”. Pike has held several positions at Canon over the last 18 years, including President of MCS, Executive Vice President of Canon Canada, Senior Vice President of ISG and President of CBS.

As Chairman and CEO of CBS, Adachi states that “[he] will also assume the duties of CBS President effective immediately” although the responsibility of the CBS Sales function will be delegated to Toyo Kuwamura “until a more long term solution can be arranged”.

Tod Pike’s plans have yet to be revealed.

Canon has seen a number of personnel changes in 2012, with Toru Nishizawa to take over as head of Canon Virginia; and the appointment of Kensuka Konishi as the new CEO of Canon Singapore.

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