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Canon believes Business can be Simple

February 12, 2018

The OEM’s Indian subsidiary aims to reduce the number of complexities involved in business through the simplification of workflows.

Canon India has announced what it describes as a “big step forward” in the business-to-business segment, founded on the OEM’s belief that business can be simple.

Offering a comprehensive suite of print management, document management and workflow solutions, Canon aims to deliver “seamless and secure workflows to help companies, large and small, fuel vital growth”.

Globalisation and the advancement of technology has accelerated the emergence of new business platforms and changed the way traditional businesses are managed. As India embraces a digital economy, developments in e-commerce, Big Data and the Internet of Things have a multitude of implications for operations from data integrity, retention and compliance to the future sustainability for businesses. According to Canon, the philosophy of ‘Business Can be Simple’ recognises the shifts in the business environment, and aims to reduce complexity by simplifying workflows.

Innovation, technology and security are of “paramount importance” when it comes to the solutions and products offered by Canon, the OEM explains. Its recently launched range of Generation 3 Multi-function Devices is equipped with features that “ensure data security, save energy and improve efficiency”. The advanced set of software solutions from Canon has been designed with the goal of assisting business owners with streamlining their workflows and digitisation their documents, in order to help them “innovate and optimise their offerings.”

Canon revealed that the company “also lends its partners sustained support through strong pan-India service infrastructure.”

Sharing his thoughts on the evolving business scenario, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India, said, “At Canon, we pioneer technological advancement with our varied range of product offerings and services. With our wide array of offerings across segments, we have always endeavoured to simplify innovations for all our stakeholders, from our partners, customers and employees. We speak from experience that innovation and transformation is an ongoing process, and affirm that small yet consistent steps lead up to the bigger picture. With ‘Business Can be Simple’, taking the forefront at our enterprise segment, we are taking a step forward in the journey of ‘customer delight’. With this customer centric approach, we aim to intensify our product and service approach towards empowering our customers with effective and easy to use solutions, which will support and complement their long-term business objectives.”

Mr. K Bhaskhar, Vice-President, Business Imaging Solutions, Canon India, said, “In today’s fast evolving and competitive economy, time is the most significant currency for entrepreneurs and business owners. With our credo of ‘Business Can be Simple’, we are endeavouring to help our partners make the most effective use of their time by simplifying business processes and identifying best practices for their business and customer needs. With this initiative, we are striving to help business owners to make use of our innovative and advanced technology driven solutions to optimize their business processes and in turn provide a superior experience to their end users as well.”

Over the past decade, Canon states that it has “embarked on its vision towards a strategic transformation by the year 2020, for growth and contribution to a changing world through its Excellent Global Corporation Plan.”


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