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Canon announces new A3 inkjet MFPs

March 11, 2019

The OEM’s new WG7500 series claims to offer “high-speed, high-volume printing and scanning for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).”

The company revealed that the WG7550F, WG7550, and WG7540 have been designed with small-to-medium sized environments in mind, offering “maximum efficiency and productivity while reducing the total cost to print and reducing maintenance needs – perfect for companies and public sector organisations with limited budget and resource.” The WG7500 series is also the first range to combine Canon’s intuitive inkjet technology with its “rich history” in office solutions.

The compact devices carry out “high speed” A3, printing at up to 80 pages per minute, with selected models also offering double-sided colour scanning in seconds. Ideally suited to offices with monthly print volumes of up to 5,000 sheets, the WG7500 series helps streamline heavy document workflows by minimising the machine’s overall downtime, thanks to a “well thought-out design and fewer replaceable parts, giving workers additional time to fulfil essential business tasks.”

Canon’s inkjet technology and a newly developed print head also promotes a “smoother delivery of ink, providing consistent, quality results and reducing the need for duplicates.”

To further maximise productivity, the WG7550F, WG7550, and WG7540 models all come with a 5-inch colour touchscreen which allows for “easy operation and data input, and an intuitive and seamless user experience.”

The new range allows employees to use their worktime efficiently, while also reducing the total cost of ownership, by minimising the need for ongoing maintenance. While the smooth paper feeder helps limit the frequency of paper jams, the “environmentally friendly, self-serviceable design” includes auto-sleep and auto-shutdown options that comply with global environmental standards.

The printers have also been specially designed to support the needs of small businesses, with the opening covers found at the front and right side of the machines so that they can be “easily installed” alongside a wall, or in a corner to elevate office space. This series boasts a low power consumption of around 1.25kWh/week, which reduces user’s environmental footprint and the cost of running.

Jay Sinclair, Product Intelligence Professional at Canon UK, comments: “With market competition at an all-time high, it’s critical that small businesses have access to high-speed, high-volume print and scan functionality without being limited by their budget. We are passionate about extending productive printing capability to companies across all sectors, with devices that have low running costs and minimal maintenance requirements, as we believe no organisation should be slowed down by its equipment. The new WG7500 series supports the busy, diverse workflows of today, using Canon’s intuitive inkjet technology to maximise efficiency, reduce the need for ongoing maintenance and ultimately lower the total cost of ownership for workforces with less resource.”

The WG7500 series includes various advanced processing features, such as automatic size detection, ID card copying and USB printing which allows small businesses to print or save scanned data directly to USB, without the need for a PC.

Additional value is also driven by its ability to support modern working environments. Allowing flexible workers to access critical print and scan functions on-the-go, users can operate all the devices by leveraging a fixed network connection via PC, or by a direct wireless connection on smartphones, tablets or laptops with the WG7550F and WG7550 models, as well as via the Canon PRINT Business app, Canon Print Service plugin, Apple AirPrint and Mopria.

This advanced mobility is also combined with security, as the devices equip businesses with the ability to set access privileges, manage the machine from a computer and apply restrictions to print and scan jobs. For businesses handling sensitive commercial or public data, the WG7500 series provides a solution which “meets the challenges of businesses and organisations across multiple SMB sectors.”

The devices also offer multiprotocol support to businesses, allowing users to select multiple file formats that, once scanned, can be sent or saved to various destinations. This includes sharing compact or searchable PDFs to email, fax, FTP and SMB.



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