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Café prints customer photos onto coffee

July 5, 2013

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 09.42.07 webTaiwanese coffee chain, Let’s Café, comes up with novel strategy to stand up to competitors. reports that a coffee chain in Taiwan has supposedly begun to use a 3D printer to print customers’ individual photos onto their cappuccinos and lattes in an attempt to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Let’s Café, part of the FamilyMart chain of stores, has released a Youtube video marketing its idea, which involves customers taking a photo of themselves on their smartphone and sending it to the coffee maker. The photo is then printed onto their beverage using chocolate powder by the café’s in-house 3D printer, reportedly provided by Onlatte, Inc., a company based in Boston, US.

According to Onlatte Inc.’s website, the company made its first “latte art machine” in 2007 and currently has over 1,300 machines that have been pre-ordered by people, so sipping an image of your own face could become the norm for future café visits.

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