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June 4, 2015

MPS provider CCE spoke about how printing is “becoming a critical business process in the digital era”.Printer-maintenence_133255418-260x173

Talk Business Magazine hosted an article from CCE’s Managing Director Giles Thorpe entitled Why your print strategy is important for your business, in which Thorpe notes that printing is “becoming a critical business process in the digital era” despite having “always struggled to create a reputation as one of the more exciting and glamorous sectors in the IT industry”, which he notes is “unfair”.

We are “all surrounded by printers in our office”, and “complain when they don’t work”, as well as being “conscious of the amount of paper we waste”, and Thorpe notes that in the last few years the industry “has seen a lot of innovation”, from MFPs to MPS. He comments that MPS is “leading to a dramatic change in the way businesses view printing”, with many of the “smart” companies understanding that printing is “a critical business process”.

He cited a 2015 study by analysts Quocirca, which The Recycler reported on in January, and which found that MPS accelerates business digitisation, and which thus presents printing as a “critical business process”. 72 percent of respondents saw a “huge opportunity in integrating paper-based processes with digital ones” to “save on printing and ink costs” as well as “help create a more integrated picture of the information flowing around an organisation”.

Thorpe does warn businesses to “understand one key point”: that reconsidering printing strategies has an impact on MPS providers and vendors, due to hardware changes and technology advances, and he points out that “just because it is newer and faster does not mean it is the right approach”. He advocates the “critical factor” of “understanding what is right for your business”, as moving to MFPs “can be quite a traumatic process” due to streamlining printer numbers.

In turn, there can be location and security worries, though “all of these questions can be answered […] the point is that as a customer you do need to work out what is best for your business”. CCE believes a future trend will be ‘Walk-in and Take-Over’, with “existing investments” protected and some systems maintained, while other machines are replaced. This service model means vendors “have to build long-term relationships with their customers”, and responding to customer needs.

This also means “greater transparency” when it comes to “support and termination clauses”, which will make it “very difficult to hide costs”, and Thorpe’s belief is that the growth of cloud and MPS programmes will be “hugely beneficial for customers” and help make printing “a vital business process” and “one of the cooler sectors of the IT industry”.

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