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Brother reusable chips welcomed by ETIRA

October 17, 2019

ETIRA calls on other printer OEMs to follow Brother Industries’ efforts on eco-design and environment, by incorporating reusable chips on cartridges that facilitate easier cartridge reuse.

ETIRA, the European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association welcomes, recognises and congratulates Brother Industries on its latest strategy and action in favour of a cleaner Europe, and endorsing cartridge remanufacturing as a top priority.

Brother recently incorporated chips to newer cartridge models. The chips protect Brothers IP rights but enable cartridge reuse because the chip design facilitates multiple resetting. 

ETIRA wants other printer manufacturers and the European authorities to follow the example set by Brother. “Chips can enhance cartridge functionality but must never hinder cartridge reuse,” said ETIRA

Commenting further “Although the independent cartridge remanufacturing industry initially feared these chips would hinder and obstruct remanufacturing of the cartridge (like chips from most OEMs do!), this is not the case with these particular Brother chips.”

In ETIRA’s view, “this Brother strategy represents a key milestone in the fight against single-use cartridges (“SUCK” s as they are known in the market) and addresses the needs of our society which calls for product reuse and meets the European Directive on Eco-Design.

It also represents a major step forward into applying the “4R”- hierarchy, which places preparation for reuse and remanufacturing above other options like mere recycling of the materials, incineration or landfill.”

ETIRA is also seeking EU-wide mandatory and increasing minimum reuse thresholds for cartridges to reduce the damage that single-use plastic cartridges represent to the European environment. 

“Cartridges are WEEE, electronic waste, and as such their preparation for reuse is the top priority, as WEEE account for 70 percent of toxicity on waste,” ETIRA said. 

As in the car industry, ETIRA is seeking an obligation that printer manufacturers should share data with third-party repairers by way of a license agreement, all the information needed to maintain and repair cartridges and printers, including software, parts catalogues, manuals, etc.

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