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Brother releases ‘fastest printer in the world’

April 27, 2012

Name, release date and price to be announced.

Digital Versus has reported on Brother’s latest release, a printer claimed to be the fastest printer in the world, capable of printing 100 pages per minute.

The OEM’s new printer utilises a single 21.5cm-wide print head that features 5,198 nozzles and is stated by the technology website as “a perfect middle ground between inkjet and laser printing” and is “primarily intended for corporate use”.

Compared to “a departmental printer”, the device also features multiple paper trays, and is capable of doubled-sided printing.

However there has been no announcement on the name of the printer, the release date, or the price and regions it will be available in.

Digital Versus has released an extremely brief video of the printer in action, visible between 0:08 and 0:11.

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