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Brother on paperless office and the business market

July 11, 2016

Graham Walshe, Executive Chairman of Brother in New Zealand, talks about expanding and trends.

brother-logo reported that the company is continuing expansion and intends to entice more customers to buy its range of printers. Walshe believes that there is still a future for the printed page and that the “notion [of a] paperless world [is] wrong”. He claims that “70 percent of documents printed” are “three pages or less” and that “higher volume printing jobs [make] up the other 30 percent”.

Brother intends to be more influential in the print market as it has evolved intensely, Walshe said, adding that “the trend towards centralisation of machines in the office environment has changed, as getting to the device was not taken into consideration. The cost of pages was cheaper, but there was another cost. Now the focus is on how to reduce costs and boost productivity”. He also said that printing documents is still prolific in “government departments are still big users of printed materials, producing documents and reports with many pages”.

New Zealand’s printer industry was valued at NZ$312 million (US$226 million/€204 million) according to IDC and consumables were near to NZ$250 million (US$181 million/€164 million). Walshe talked about Brother’s MPS and said that “the printer is just the start. Business customers are looking for a package of service including servicing, and a helpdesk for technical problems”.

Commenting on recycling, Walshe said that self regulation is better than legislation, noting that “we educate our own staff to be environmentally aware. Technology can help reduce paper wastage – printing both sides for example can have a massive effect of usage”. Mathew Stroud, Brother’s COO, remarked that they are focusing on total services, adding that “our aim is to create bespoke solutions, no matter what the business size, as well as being an on-going responsive partner”.





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