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Brother integrates Accusoft SaaS platform

April 24, 2019

Brother International Corporation has announced integration with the OnTask workflow solutions platform from content-processing software company Accusoft.

Businesses can now use OnTask-enabled Brother devices as a document workflow automation platform to help facilitate remote collaboration, improve visibility and tracking of critical documents, provide potential cost savings, and shorten turnaround times.

OnTask’s Software-as-a-Service model makes it simple and affordable for small- to mid-sized companies to start using easily – within hours instead of months. Similarly, enterprise companies can scale and standardize their document processes across departments and seamlessly integrate with existing core systems. Unique to Brother, pre-packaged workflows will include document approvals, reviews, signatures, redlining, and online forms. Brother customers can create, execute and participate in document workflows either directly from their select Brother multifunctional device or scanner, or on their own desktop computer or mobile phone. 

“Digital transformation sounds like something reserved for large enterprises, but truly every business needs to ensure that their document workflows are reaping the competitive benefits of digital, such as vastly improved efficiency and data security,” said Dan Waldinger, Senior Director of B2B Marketing at Brother. “Through the integration of the OnTask software with select Brother devices, organisations big and small can unlock the transformative effects of document automation.”

In addition to workflow improvements, businesses that utilise OnTask from Brother can significantly upgrade their document security thanks to the platform’s comprehensive suite of approval tools. All workflow records and transactions are maintained permanently on a secured cloud so supervisors and other authorised users will always have a bird’s eye view of their data, which can also be exported anytime if needed via protected APIs. OnTask is SOC 2 and ESIGN Act compliant and can also be integrated with other existing data storage solutions. 

“Our intention is to meet organisations wherever they are on their journey to digital transformation,” said Megan Brooks, Director of Marketing at Accusoft. “We want companies to realise the benefits of document automation now, without needing to become completely paperless first. The ability to scan a document into a workflow gives you just that – this partnership essentially helps organisations automate most manual paper-based processes.”

Brother announced earlier this year that they would create a series of strategic partnerships to extend their solutions portfolio to include a variety of integrated productivity tools. OnTask is the latest addition to this group.

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