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Brother discusses anti-counterfeiting in Indonesia

March 9, 2017

The OEM stated that “sales of counterfeit ink refills are still rife”, but is “countering them”.

Detik (Indonesian) reported on Brother Indonesia’s Digital Marketing and PR Executive Andre Arlis Chouwanto, who discussed how “sales of counterfeit ink refills are still rife because consumers are tempted by prices [that] tend to be cheaper”, and that “realising that, Brother has moves countering them”, including a “number of efforts” to ensure “users do not switch to a counterfeit ink”.

The first of these is to “create a more friendly ink refill pouch”, as then “consumers are expected to be reluctant to switch to a counterfeit ink [even if] that cost is comparable”. Chouwanto added that “we have a cartridge for Rp 99,000 ($7.39/€7) which can print up to 6,000 sheets. We also offer a toner for Rp 250,000 ($18.67/€17.69). This is quite cheaper than competitors”.

In addition, and “in order to further reinforce” the issue, Brother “also make rules about the use of counterfeit ink. If users are still forced to use fake ink, Brother impose sanctions for the user”, Chouwanto adding that “if a user is caught using counterfeit ink, then the product warranty [is] void or does not apply anymore”.

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