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Brother applies for anti-remanufacturing patents

May 21, 2012

Two patents, aimed at detecting the number of times a sealing member is penetrated and a sensor to detect device manipulation have been applied for by the OEM.

Brother has recently applied for two patents, designed to detect remanufacturing and refill efforts, with both awaiting confirmation.

Patent number EP 2 425 974 A 2, detailed in figure 4, features “a memory [device] storing an insertion number information from which a total insertion number, which is a total number of times the sealing member […] has been penetrated to provide a liquid communication through the sealing member can be derived”.

This will enable the OEM to determine how many times a cartridge has been refilled or remanufactured.

The OEM has also applied for EP 2 422 986 A 2, concerning “a sensor configured to output a first output signal when the movable member is in the first position, and to output a second output signal different from the first output signal when the movable member is in the second position”.

This will alert the OEM of any attempts of remanufacturing or manipulating the innards. Although the patent does not make clear how the output signals will be intercepted.

Brother has yet to comment at the time of publication.

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2 responses to “Brother applies for anti-remanufacturing patents”

  1. cesar says:

    that will be the day that Brother will start to face fierce marketing sales drop down…if i will not be able to refill or re-manufacture my brother cartridge, i will switch to another brand as fast as 123…

  2. stowrecycler says:

    This clearly illustrates (again) that OEM’s do not simply want to sell a printer! They pay scant regard to the planet and attempts to reduce landfill or the oil consumed to make a new cartridge.

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