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British Telecom to sell HP printers and cartridges to businesses

May 30, 2012

The UK phone provider’s Business Direct arm will sell HP’s ePrint-enabled MFPs, as well as offering cashback for customers who buy original consumables.

The press release states that the ePrint offerings are designed to help businesses “have access to quality printing equipment and materials” without needing “to be near a computer”, with the ePrint-enabled MFPs and HP business applications allowing business users to “send document[s] directly” to printers from mobile devices.

The two companies have also offered consumers the option to receive £140 ($217/€175) cashback when they purchase original toner cartridges from BT Business Direct, claiming that “using sub-standard toner can lead to poor quality, faded and blotchy documents which will reflect poorly on your business”, and adding that “it’s false economy to use anything other than official HP cartridges in your printer”.

Nadine Roach, HP Specialist at BT Business Direct, stated in the release: “Today’s businesses need to be able to have complete confidence in their printing hardware and software in order to run smoothly. Business apps designed for HP printers take wireless printing to the next level, making it easier than ever before to create hard copies of forms, reports and other essential documents.

“Plus, with the HP toner cashback offer that’s currently available through the BT Business Direct, the cost of printing has fallen even further.”

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