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Bluefish reignite Spicers collaboration

October 12, 2017

Bluefish Office Products, a Midlands-based company, has signed another 3-year contract with Spicers.

Spicers has revealed that independent dealer, Bluefish Office Products, has renewed its commitment to the wholesaler, extending its contract for another three years.

Bluefish, which pledges to be a “Complete, One Source Solution” for its customers, offers a comprehensive array of products and services and incorporates Spicers Brilliant Partner initiative for shredding.

Managing Director of Bluefish, Mark Heath commented, “Our expectation from a key partner is that they provide an ongoing great service, with the right level of inventory and a product portfolio that fits our customer base at the right price.”

Having been strategic partners with Spicers for over 15 years now, Heath continues “Committing to one main partner provides us real benefits of continuity and it’s vital that a partner company understands what Bluefish are aiming to achieve and work with us on our long term plans.”

“The most important element of all is finding and working with a partner where there is mutual respect, empathy and understanding. That is especially true when things don’t go to plan as you learn together about how to work through and improve. The people to people interaction between our two businesses is what makes such difference and this is why Bluefish had no hesitation in extending our contract with Spicers. The team at Bluefish truly value the efforts that the Spicers team put behind our account as this all helps to deliver against our goals and overall success.”

Sales and Marketing Director at Spicers, Richard Ford, said of the company’s new commitment, “Having progressive customers like Bluefish pushes us harder as a business, it makes us continually evaluate our service and push forward for new solutions to help support like-minded businesses to drive mutual business growth. Spicers have worked with Bluefish from their creation back in 2000, its real testament to the value of the partnership that Bluefish should once again decide that Spicers are the right wholesale partner to support them through their next phase of business growth. We’re delighted.”

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