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BLI gives high rating for Toshiba MFP

October 24, 2017

Toshiba TEC’s Hybrid MFP has been tested by Buyers Laboratory and has been rated “highly recommended.”

Toshiba revealed this week that the company’s unique Hybrid MFP has undergone thorough testing by Buyers Laboratory (BLI), subsidiary of Keypoint Intelligence, which has rated the e-STUDIO3508LP “highly recommended”.

This A3 MFP reduces paper consumption and lowers the carbon footprint by allowing paper to be reused; it also “combines conventional printing with erasable printing” thanks to its usage of erasable toner. However, in addition to this hybridisation, it also provides the features of a standard monochrome system, among them cloud and mobile printing, making it ideal for business use.

The printer’s test phase by BLI lasted for two months and both the regular monochrome and special features were fully investigated.

“There are so many impressive aspects to the Toshiba e-STUDIO3508LP’s lab performance. In addition to its standout reliability out of the box, producing 210,000 pages without skipping a beat, it offers exemplary ease of use, robust security features and superb image quality. Toshiba’s focus on usability is clearly seen in the product design, from an intuitive and highly customizable touchscreen control panel to one-touch template shortcuts and custom driver profiles, all of which simplify job programming” says David Sweetnam, Director of Research and Lab Services, EMEA & Asia.

“Rounding off the package, a unique eco-hybrid function with an erasable blue toner and embedded self-erase feature means that paper can be printed, erased and reused over and over again. And as corporate responsibility to the environment is increasingly important to the way businesses operate, this model can help companies to reduce their environmental impact and costs. Based on its lab evaluation, we have no hesitation in highly recommending the Toshiba e-STUDIO3508LP for busy, modern mid-sized departments.”

“We always knew our unique Hybrid MFPs are the perfect choice for businesses looking for an reliable system and at the same time want to reduce their carbon footprint” says Akira Ito, Product Manager at Toshiba Tec. “We are extremely happy that after thorough testing, BLI has come to the same conclusion.”

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