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Biuromax celebrates 30 years

June 13, 2019

The company marked the anniversary with walking at Arlamów, near the Polish – Ukrainian border.

A walk in the park? Not really; Biuromax took themselves off to Arlamów, near the Polish – Ukrainian border, to celebrate their thirtieth birthday recently. While not a walk in the park, the Biuromax team did put their walking shoes on and, led by early retired Polish customs and Border officers, retraced the footsteps of Polish and Ukrainian cross-border smugglers from a bygone era.

In the evening the Biuromax team enjoyed a “Casino Royal” themed party where Biuromax CEO, Dariusz Wozniak talked about the business and their journey, commenting: “30 years it is fully half of my life already, not like one day indeed” and summed up the 30 years as “the chaos of nineties, risky rebuild of years 2000 and harmonic growth of the last decade; and the biggest gain as meeting and talking to so many people in the entire world over these years”.

Biuromax was founded by Wozniak in 1989, a time of great political and economic tension in Poland as the Soviet era came to an end. The young Wozniak saw an opportunity and started the company distributing original and alternative consumables for copiers, printers and multifunctional devices, and much later raw materials and components for the remanufacturing of laser and ink cartridges and internationally both domestically.  “In 1989, when Biuromax was established, Poland was a very difficult place to start a company, and one needed determination and a dedication to success to translate those green shoots of opportunity into a rose garden of success and become the market leader in your sector,” Wozniak said.

Biuromax works with selected manufacturers who can support the company’s dynamic development of cooperation, flexibility, rapid response to novelty but most of all to client’s trust-building enabling the Biuromax team to continuously improve the standards of service in response to customer needs.

Karolina Wrzesniak-Cwyl, Biuromax Business Development Manager, said “We always provide our clients with alternative solutions, so that their offer to final customers would be competitive. We support our clients keeping good and long-lasting relations in the first place.

“The Biuromax team would like to thank all our clients and suppliers for supporting us within these 30 years!” the company added.

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