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Best printing apps

October 16, 2017

App Informers has provided a run-down of the best apps for printing high-quality photos and documents.

With a plethora of printing apps available for both Android and iOS, AI has picked their top 4 best apps for printing to help consumers narrow down the selection and find the app that best suits their requirements.

Pi-All-In-One: this free app is available on both Android and iOS which enables users to print “from nearly any scanner” as well as being able to scan barcodes and purchase items directly from Amazon. Pi-All-In-One also sends alerts of potential issues that could be plaguing your device, and allows you to easily create digital versions “of everything you own” and scan and print documents via your mobile. According to AI, the app “will work with over 1,500 types of wireless printers” including Canon and Dell devices, and you can print from sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Photobucket and many others.

PrinterShare: PrinterShare is another free app that works on Android and iOS and is highly popular among consumers as it offers an automatically generated print preview, and lets you print a range of documents from different brands of printer. Additionally, you can print directly from your mobile device, customising the image size and alignment etc., and you can print rich-text format files, spreadsheets, texts, emails and much more. A variety of options are available to you as the app uses Google Cloud Printing technologies, USB, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Samsung Mobile Print: this free app, on Android and iOS, has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with Samsung printers, enabling you to “scan and print wirelessly no matter the document type”. Multiple files can be printed in a queue, and the app offers crop and rotate options, as well as allowing you to scan and share documents; you can even order toner and printer ink.

HP Smart: Last but not least, this Android and iOS app is also free and works with HP printers, allowing users to upload and print documents from iCloud, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and others. You can also share scanned documents. This app has an easy-to-use interface and a camera-enabled scanning feature.

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