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Awards success for ECS

May 3, 2019

Effective Consumable Solutions (ECS) continues to reach new heights as the company is nominated as a finalist at the MRW National Recycling Awards 2019.

The Remanufacturer of the Year has been nominated for yet another award in 2019 as the companies’ recycling division takes centre stage this time around. In August 2018 ECS won “Best UK Cartridge Recycling Specialist at the Business Innovator Awards 2018″ as well as bagging the “Remanufacturer of the Year” at this year’s Paperworld/Remanexpo show.

The Greener Side stated that it was extremely proud having been nominated as a finalist for ‘Recycling Excellence’ in the SME category.

Celebrating the nomination, ECS The Greener Side explains that the company is at the forefront of the campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste that the printing industry products and services produce, and as a result are transforming the printing industry’s environmental credentials.

The Greener Side explains it recognises a critical need for both a sustainable and circular economy within the UK, which is why the company helps to relieve the burden placed on organisations to recycle their reprographic consumables, which became a legal requirement as of 2015.

The company stated that over the last 12 months The Greener Side has processed, recycled, remanufactured and refilled over one million printer and copier cartridges – roughly 10 percent of all recycled toner cartridges within the UK, according to ECS The Greener Side.

The Greener Side recycling scheme has helped its’ Partners by giving providing a fully compliant service, helping them to win more tenders and providing them with remanufactured products that have been made right here in the UK.

Regarding the nomination, Director Felicity Rabbitte said “We’re delighted to have been nominated for yet another award this year. Being voted as a finalist for recycling excellence proves how successful The Greener Side recycling scheme is, as well as how much it has grown since its’ initial development.”

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