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Awards roll in for Konica Minolta

March 9, 2018

The OEM has collected a range of prizes in recent weeks, rewarding its “innovative approach to bringing digital advancement to the industry.”

Konica Minolta has been honoured with a range of awards, marking its change of corporate direction into a problem-solving, IT services company. Known for its print and imaging technology, the OEM is seeking to embrace the era of the Internet of Things and reposition itself among the innovative digital technologies and enterprise solutions of the future.

It was announced this week that the company’s Dispatcher Phoenix document workflow software solution has been named as a finalist in the IT Software category at the World Technology Awards, which followed awards from Hyland Software for the Enterprise Content Management solution provider.

The OEM has now been awarded the Grand Prize in the NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2018, for its “exceptional corporate competence in Human Resources, Innovation, Marketing, and Management Fundamentals.”

Kay Du Fernandez, Konica Minolta’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, said: “It’s an honour to receive these global accolades for our innovative approach to bringing digital advancement to the industry. Being recognised underscores our ongoing commitment to digital transformation and these changes illustrate excellent examples that truly help our clients improve their workplace efficiency and productivity.”

The company said that the slew of awards reward “the company’s drive for digital transformation, with an emphasis on a full suite of value-added IT services, and its cohesive combination of cutting-edge software and technology.”

Focussing on transforming the nature of the workplace, the OEM prides itself on ‘setting the bar high’, “with a reinforced commitment to technologies that connect people, spaces and technologies that can drive increased collaboration and productivity like never before.”


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