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Australian cartridge retailer produces cartridge recycling infographic

March 27, 2014

Cartridges Direct has produced the infographic to remind customers of the importance of recycling cartridges. 

Sustainablog reported on Cartridges Direct’s infographic, noting that the company’s Managing Director Simon Williams had learned of Australian environmental agency Planet Ark’s research on landfilled printer cartridges in the country, with 18 million discarded in 2005 alone.

For Williams this was a “major cause of concern”, and he added that the revelation “is a staggering statistic, especially when you consider that the polymers used to make printer cartridges can take around 1000 years to decompose, all the while leaking dangerous toxins into the environment”.

The blog points out that the infographic shows that “the majority of printer cartridge e-waste comes from residential dwellings”, as well as that “the waste disposal bins provided for these dwellings are not equipped for recycling of e-waste”. Williams is therefore, in the blog’s view, “doing what we’d encourage all businesses and organisations to do, and that is to find ways that their industries can do their part to encourage a more sustainable way of living”.


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