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Aster launches new jumbo cartridges

June 2, 2017

The company released high yield versions of cartridges for Brother TN-2220, TN-2230 and HP CF280X.

Aster launched three new jumbo cartridges for use in Brother TN-2220, TN-2230 and HP CF280X. The jumbo cartridges of TN-2220 and TN-2230 print 10400 pages. The HP CF280X prints 13000 pages; a page yield increase of “300% and 88% respectively compared to the yields of the originals” according to Aster.

The jumbo cartridges are “manufactured with its proprietary technologies that integrate a series of innovations on cartridge components structure and manufacturing techniques” and this ensures that they “deliver stable and reliable print quality within the entire life cycle” meaning lower cost per page and ideal for MPS dealer channels.

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