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Aster expands US distribution centre

July 22, 2013

Aster distribution centre webCartridge manufacturer announces expansion of new warehouse and distribution centre on west coast of US.

Aster Graphics USA has announced plans to expand a new warehouse and distribution centre in California that will see a further 20,000 square feet added, creating a total floor space of 86,000 square feet.

The company states that the expansion will allow it to increase stock levels and better serve its customers, providing faster delivery service.

Commenting on the expansion, Leon Yin, President of Aster Graphics, said: “Aster Graphics is always committed to looking for ways to improve and maximise our added value services. Now together with the new warehouse, Aster stocks over 300,000 cartridges ready to ship nationwide, and we will continue to expand with new products and continue to grow our product offering.”

The Recycler reported in January 2012 on the company’s plans to expand its production facility in Jiangxi, China, to meet expected sales demand for the year; with the company announcing in October 2011 that it had achieved record growth, shipping over 200,000 cartridge shipments in that month alone.

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