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ARTI-Italia succeeds in remanufactured cartridge procurement

January 25, 2016

The Italian association’s efforts have seen the country’s government require administrations to buy “at least half of their printing consumables as regenerated”.

Emstar Italy and ARTI-Italia's Giovanni Ravelli

Emstar Italy and ARTI-Italia’s Giovanni Ravelli

The association and its President, Embatex’ Giovanni Ravelli, first started working with the Italian government in 2014, with ARTI-Italia first reporting in March of that year that it was helping to change the law about green public procurement (GPP). In December 2014, the first drafts of the new law were detailed, and Ravelli commented on Embatex’ work to assist this.

Now, he has revealed that “after two years of work with meetings and discussions, we finally have a law that requires the public administrations to buy at least half of their printing consumables as regenerated”, and that in addition “cartridges must meet the reconstruction and good print quality prescribed by CAM (minimum environmental criteria), defined by the Ministry for the Environment together with the associations representing the recyclers”.

ARTI-Italia “co-wrote the rules and standards to be applied, and we are happy to see the outcome of the work done”, with Ravelli warning that “now we have to see if the law will be respected – as they say in Italy, a law could immediately meet those who would go around it and not follow it: ‘the law made, the loophole found’. The government documentation can be found here in Italian, and Ravelli added that he will also be speaking at an event in late February in Rome about the circular economy on behalf of the association.

In conclusion, he thanked “all my colleagues and even competitors for the good ideas and suggestions I have received in recent years”, including ETIRA “for supporting the battle”, Embatex for “the necessary information”, and ARTI-Italia members Armor, KMP, Katun, IR Italiana Riprografia, Sanzo, On Line Service and CER Office.

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