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Armor’s Sean Loftus gets the kudos

October 25, 2019

Armor’s Sean Loftus

Derek Handley, formally the Head of Purchasing at Wolverhampton NHS Trust (New Cross Hospital) commends Sean Loftus and his team.

Writing on his LinkedIn page Handley said: “I would like to add a review of the company Armor and particularly their executive Sean Loftus. Whilst working as Head of Purchasing at Wolverhampton NHS Trust (New Cross Hosp) I commissioned the contract with Armor and working with Sean Loftus the Trust has excellent service of a product that delivers quality, sustainability and excellent customer service via Sean and his team. I applaud the Armor approach to print and associated product and would highly recommend to all my colleagues past and present.”

Bod Reynolds, Sales Director at Armor commented: “Armor UK without Sean would not be Armor, and Sean without Armor would not be Sean. But more importantly, neither Armor or Sean would be what we are today without the support of our customers.”

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