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Armor launches owa MPS video

March 10, 2017

The French remanufacturer exhibited at the IT Partners event at Euro Disney in Paris, and released a video discussing its owa Print Services MPS programme.

The Recycler reported earlier this week that the company would exhibit at the IT Partners event on 8 and 9 March, with Gerwald van der Gijp, Vice President and Managing Director for Armor Office Printing EMEA, stating on LinkedIn that the Armor OWA stand was ready for the first day of the two-day show, and to receive visits from partners and resellers.

Van der Gijp also said before the event that “we are officially presenting OWA print services: the turnkey printing solution by Armor”, and that the stand would show the new range of products from Armor like the “3D filament range with a faster 8x printing capacity”. There were also hourly demonstrations and a ‘Happy Hour’ everyday at 16.30 at the stand.

The animated video (which you can watch below) features French narration and French characters on screen, stating to start that “an uncontrolled printer fleet can quickly become problematic for your budget”, and that “for your employees, this is only a print [but] for your business, it’s another story”. Printing issues can cost money, and these problems can include “failures”, a “shortage of supplies or too much”, and an “unjustified price increase”.

It contends that owa Print Services can help you “take control”, and is a “simple and effective solution”, with “optimisation of printing” helping to save 30 percent on average. The programme offers “automated delivery” and “inventory management”, and is accessible immediately “without changing your current fleet”. Armor concludes by noting that it is “an eco-responsible solution” and requires only a “flexible, unconstrained commitment”, stating that businesses can “save, free your equipment and preserve the environment”.

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