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Armor launches OWA brand

May 13, 2015

The remanufacturer’s new range uses circular economy principles, and utilises an “innovative used cartridge recovery process”.packs_infos-en

The OWA product brand contains “remanufactured printer cartridges combined with an innovative used cartridge recovery process”, using circular economy principles in a “new approach, with positive repercussions”. Used cartridges are “collected and enjoy a genuine second life”, either as remanufactured cartridges or as “useful new products made from recovering dismantled materials”.

Cartridges sold under the OWA brand are said by Armor to feature “high print quality, optimised print costs per page and a reduced environmental footprint”, thanks to “perfect industrial management and the effectiveness of the system”. Armor introduced the brand because “every second in Western Europe, 11 printer cartridges are produced and used”, adding up to 350 million a year, and 70 percent are “still either incinerated or put into landfill”, creating around 100 million tonnes of waste.

The remanufacturer added that by 2025, there will be “an additional 1.1 billion consumers” creating around 41 percent more “end-of-life products” to manage, and so “each of us needs to take urgent action to better manage the waste we produce”. Environmental issues “have always been part of [Armor’s] priorities”, and the company believes “in the simple observation that if all printer cartridges were reused, even once, it would lead to a significant reduction in printer consumable-related waste”.

The OWA solution allows business to play “a role in the environmental effort whilst improving their economic performance”, and in turn providing “solid proof of their environmental approach and tangible evidence of their CSR policy”. Armor also added that the cartridges used under the OWA brand are “enhanced by a range of services that ensure they receive proper end-of-life processing” alongside a “reduced environmental impact”.

There are 596 products under the brand so far from 11 OEMs, including HP, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, Epson and Samsung, and 128 of the cartridges are high-capacity. Armor commented that the “huge range of latest-generation” cartridges include both inkjet and laser, as well as “business inkjet” cartridges, and the packaging is “eco-designed” and recyclable. The boxes can also be turned “cleverly and easily into a storage box”, with the airbag “recoverable into [an] irrigation pipe”.

Laser cartridges under the brand “come with a lifetime guarantee” which Armor attributes to “their perfect operation and total reliability with no time limit”. “Jumbo” cartridges offered in the range provide up to 150 percent additional pages and high yields along with “no premature degradation of components”. In turn, the aforementioned business inkjet cartridges include remanufactured HP 970 and 971XL cartridges.

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