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Armor Group uses sports to bring employees together

September 8, 2017

This year’s edition of the ARMOR Games in July was another team-building success.

The Armor Group, a French-based company with 90 years of experience in print and digital coating technologies, is known in the industry for the interest it takes in its employees and their welfare. In 2011, the company opened the ARMOR University near its Nantes facility, and now for the 4th consecutive year it has hosted its own sporting event, the ARMOR Games.

This event, which took place this year in July 2017, unites the different sections of the company’s sporting association in an event which offers “a good opportunity for relaxation and shared pleasures”, according to Catherine Barreteau, pilot of “Social Life” at Armor.

The Games included games of badminton, tennis, futsal, running and biking, with two different teams competing against each other for 2 hours in both indoor and outdoor events.

The 100+ members of the Group’s sporting association are made up of employees recruited from all company sites. When they elect to join the Armor Sports Committee, which was formed in 2008, they “pay a reasonable annual fee and also contribute to the vitality of the local sports associations in which they take licenses.”

On this occasion, once the Games were concluded, the members also met for a “festive evening”, attended by the partners of the Commission as well as Group Management, the Works Council Committee and the town administration of Le Chevrolière. The evening was described by Barreteau as “A convivial moment that marks the territorial anchoring of this very dynamic Committee with Armor!”

Next year’s Games is already eagerly anticipated, as it will mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Group’s sports association. 



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