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ARMOR Group to create environmental impact framework

May 16, 2012

OEMs to collaborate with French remanufacturer on environmental guidelines.

ARMOR has announced that it has been requested to create a “methodological” framework to calculate the environmental impact caused by the production and usage of printer cartridges. This follows the announcement of the French remanufacturing group as the sole representative of the printing consumables sector in a framework accord with the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing in late 2011,

The framework will cover the impact of laser, remanufactured inkjet and new compatible inkjet cartridges.

ARMOR will be collaborating with all OEMs based in France during the production of the framework, although is set to be working closely with HP, Brother, Lexmark and Sagem.

Régis Thébaud, Operation Director, ARMOR Group, spoke with The Recycler on the remanufacturer’s involvement: “ARMOR wants to be the leader in France for sustainable development. Therefore, we wanted to take part in the experimentation of environmental impacts. ARMOR has much experience in ecolabelling for laser cartridges and, moreover, we already made a life cycle analysis in 2010.

“One of our main objectives as remanufacturers is to defend the reuse of the cartridges, and show a low environmental impact for our products versus OEM. It is very important to propose to the consumer a new choice for its buying: on price, on quality, and on the environmental impact.”

ARMOR is set to launch a customer survey to gauge public opinion regarding its current environmental labelling. The results of the framework are planned for presentation in September 2012.

The framework is set to become the standard for the French printer consumables sector following presentation to AFNOR/ADEME (French Standards Agency, and French Agency for Environment and Energy Management).

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